Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Vol. 2, July 1, 1999


Editorial Comments

Volume 2

The first half of the last year of the 1900's has past, and Y2K is just around the corner. Your editor is finding that it takes a lot more time to keep things moving on line than he thought. Our goal was to have Volume 2 filled to the brim, so that we could put it on CD-ROM and make it available to libraries for permanent archives. We still have a few articles in review, but even electronically, it takes time.

We will probably make both Volume 1 and 2 available on the same disk after the end of this year, as the number of submissions has not yet overwhelmed us, and the review process is dependant on the lives of busy reviewers and editors.

We have been growing rapidly in readership, however. We doubled in page count from May to June, having almost 500 successful page requests per day. Our readers come from many places, including links from other sites and many search engines. We trust the information is useful to all, and we continue to support the idea that sexual information is the best cure for sexual ignorance and fear.

Please consider EJHS as the publication site of choice for your sexual research and ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.

David Hall, Ph.D.
Senior Editor

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