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Links to web sites of Institute Graduates

Dr. Limor Blockman  Sex and Marriage Counseling in Israel

Dr. Sonia Borg   Certified Clinical Sexologist (San Diego Area) and The Happy Endings Company

Dr. Michael Ra Bouchard  Aloha Sexual Health & Happiness Worldwide Telephone Counseling (Hawaii-based)

Dr. Patti Britton   Your Sex Coach  (LA area)

Dr. Ava Cadell     Loveology University (LA area)

Dr. Janice Epp     Sex Therapy and Education (SF Area)

Dr. Jeff Gordon    House of Gord

Dr. Jack Hafferkamp   Libido Magazine and Video Productions (now teaching in China)

Dr. Danielle Harel         Sex and Intimacy Coaching (SF Bay area)

Dr. Jim Herriot          Herriott  Research  (SF Bay area)

Dr. Marty Klein      Sex Therapy (Palo Alto, CA) Sexual Intelligence

Dr. Joseph Kramer    The New School of Erotic Touch

Dr. Elizabeth Rae Larson    Seattle Institute  (Seattle, WA)

Dr. Amy Marsh    Sex Counseling, Coaching and Education, Hypnotherapy

Dr. Susana Mayer     Philadelphia Erotic Salon

Dr. Ron Mazur          Erotic Spirituality - blending aspects of religion, erotology, and the pleasure of erotic art and sex toys.

Dr. Gina Ogden     Certified Sex Therapist and Supervisor. Author: Women Who Love Sex (Cambridge, MA)

Dr. Carol Queen        Center for Sex and Culture, various erotic information and activities  (San Francisco, CA)

Dr. Pega Ren            Relationship and Sex Therapy   (Vancouver, BC)

Dr. Brian Rzepczynski    The Gay Love Coach

Dr. Faizal H. Sahukhan         Multicultural Sex and Relationship Coach (Vancouver, BC)

Dr. Pamela D. Rogers         Sex Coaching and Education (Phoenix, AZ)

Dr. Gary Schubach   Brian Rzepczynski Dr. G's Tools and Education for a better sex life   (SF Bay area)

Dr. Robin Taylor        Sexologist and Psychotherapist   (SF Bay area)

Dr. Louanne Cole Weston        Sex Therapy (Sacramento, CA)

Dr. Petra Zebroff and Dr. Kathleen Van Kirk    Erotic information for women

Dr. Sharon Mitchell        Adult Industry Medical 

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Updated on March 13, 2011
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