Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Volume 1, November 10, 1998




Lisa Kirsten Hunter

Appendix B

Attitude Toward Condoms Scale

The following items are intended to measure people's opinions about the use of condoms (rubbers) as contraceptive devices. There are no right or wrong responses to any of these statements. Please respond even if you are not sexually active or have never used (or had a partner who used) condoms. In such cases indicate how you think you would feel in such a situation.

Please read each of the following statements and indicate, on the answer sheet, the response that best fits your feeling about the statement.

For example, if you agree with a certain statement, place an A in the blank. If you strongly disagree, put SD, and so forth.

SD-Strongly Disagree; D-Disagree; U-Undecided; A-Agree;

SA-Strongly Agree

___ 1. In my opinion, condoms are too much trouble.

___ 2. Condoms are unreliable.

___ 3. Condoms are pleasant to use.

___ 4. The neatness of condoms, for example, no wet spot on the bed, makes them attractive.

___ 5. I see the use of condoms as adding to the excitement of foreplay if the female partner helps the male put it in place.

___ 6. I would be willing to try a condom, even if I have never used one before.

___ 7. There is no reason why a woman should be embarrassed to suggest a condom.

___ 8. Women think men who use condoms show concern and caring.

___ 9. I intend to try condoms.

___ 10. I think proper use of the condom can enhance sexual pleasure.

___ 11. Many people make use of the condom as an erotic part of foreplay.

___ 12. All things considered, condoms seem safer to me than any other form of contraception except abstinence.

___ 13. I just don't like the idea of using condoms.

___ 14. I think condoms look ridiculous.

___ 15. Condoms are inconvenient.

___ 16. I see no reason to be embarrassed by the use of condoms.

___ 17. Putting a condom on an erect penis can be a real sexual turn-on.

___ 18. Condoms are uncomfortable.

___ 19. Using a condom makes sex unenjoyable.

___ 20. I would avoid using condoms if at all possible.

___ 21. I would be comfortable suggesting that my partner and I use a condom.

___ 22. Condoms ruin the sex act.

___ 23. Condoms are uncomfortable for both partners.

___ 24. Women think men who use condoms are jerks.

___ 25. The idea of using a condom doesn't appeal to me.

___ 26. Use of the condom is an interruption of foreplay.

___ 27. What to do with a condom after use is a real problem.

___ 28. The thought of using a condom is disgusting.

___ 29. Having to stop to put on a condom takes all the romance out of sex.

___ 30. Most women don't like for their partners to use condoms.

___ 31. I don't think condoms interfere with the enjoyment of sex.

___ 32. There is no way that using a condom can be pleasant.

___ 33. Using a condom requires taking time out of foreplay, which interrupts the pleasure of sex.

___ 34. I think condoms are an excellent means of contraception.

___ 35. Condoms seem unreliable.

___ 36. There is no reason why a man should be embarrassed to suggest using a condom.

___ 37. To most women, a man who uses a condom is sexier than one who leaves protection up to the woman.

___ 38. The condom is a highly satisfactory form of contraception.

___ 39. I would have no objection if my partner suggested that we use a condom.

___ 40. The skillful woman can make placing a condom a highly erotic experience.

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