Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Volume 10, Jan. 8, 2007


Human Sexuality Education for
Students with Special Needs.

Liz Sweeney



Charged with the responsibility of preparing children for the eventuality of adulthood, parents and educators face many challenges. Providing comprehensive human sexuality education to children, teens, and young adults with special needs is a particularly important but often formidable task.

Youngsters with special educational needs face a number of cultural barriers to healthy sexuality and are commonly disadvantaged by a lack of appropriate sex education. This paper makes practical suggestions for incorporating developmental considerations in the classroom and at home.

Like all children, students with developmental disabilities grow into adolescence with physically maturing bodies and a host of emerging social and sexual feelings and needs. Before these changes begin and throughout adolescence, it is vital that educators and parents provide information in a positive and constructive way that is both clear and educationally appropriate.

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