Table 1. Confirmatory Factor Analyses

Attitudes Relative to Sex as Recreation


I am better at sex than most people

I perform better sexually than most people

I have special skills when it comes to sex

I know more sexual techniques than most people

I consider others more knowledgeable about sex than I am


I always try to make time for sexual activities

I make sex a priority in my life

I consider other activities more important than sexual activities

Recreational/Hedonistic Sexual Behaviors

I have sex for fun

I like to have new exciting sexual experiences and sensations

I like wild uninhibited sexual encounters

I live for the moment when it comes to sex

I view sex as a recreational activity

I do not like to experiment with new sexual behaviors

Condom Use/Safer Sex

Using a condom during sex can be fun and pleasurable

A person can have fun and still play safe

A person can protect their health and still have fun uninhibited sex

Condoms do not impede my enjoyment of sex

Sexual Satisfaction

I am pleased with my intensity of sexual activity

I am satisfied with my variety of sexual positions and activities

My partner makes me feel sexually desirable

I am sexually attracted to my sexual partner

I have good communication with my partner about sex

My partner makes it clear I provide him/her with sexual pleasure

I feel that foreplay with my partner is very arousing

After sex I feel relaxed, fulfilled

I am satisfied with my sexual partners

I am pleased with my frequency of sexual activity

I have satisfying orgasms

Factor Loadings



































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