Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Volume 4, August 25, 2001


Urethral Expulsions During Sensual Arousal and Bladder Catheterization in Seven Human Females

Chapter 7


The one clearly unresolved issue from the current study is the question of whether some women secrete fluid from their urethral glands and ducts during sensual/sexual arousal.  While the research team saw evidence of such a secretion on several occasions, the amount of the secretion was so small and happened so quickly, that in most cases the research team was unable to effectively capture a sample for analysis.  New collection procedures should be considered for any future research including, but not limited to, some form of suction device and/or the possibility of obtaining a swab and culture.

Another research problem that was encountered was the difficulty of obtaining the desired specialty specimen analyses from commercial laboratories whose testing protocols are set up for diagnostic purposes and not for research analysis.  The cooperation of university research laboratories in this endeavor would be and would have been enormously valuable.

Another suggestion for any future research would be to devise protocols for testing the effects of aldosterone on urea and creatinine levels during sensual/sexual arousal.  Also, the active participation in any future study of a qualified urologist with sufficient sexological training would be very helpful.

While this has been a very interesting project from the biological side, the one thing that emerged clearly for this researcher was that in the real world the crucial issue was not the composition of the urethral expulsions but, instead, a far more fundamental and human question which is simply “How do women feel about their bodies and everything that comes from them?”  In that regard, this researcher hopes that the current study was able to make a contribution.


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