Starr King Learner Feedback Form Questions

  1. The goals were explained clearly at the beginning of the course.
  2. The goals of the course were achieved.
  3. The syllabus was clear and well-prepared.
  4. The assigned readings were good quality.
  5. The course was intellectually challenging.
  6. The course material was helpful in dealing with pastoral issues.
  7. Discussion or seminar was conducted effectively.
  8. The professor was prepared for class.
  9. Lectures were clear.
  10. Lectures were interesting.
  11. Papers were returned promptly.
  12. Papers were returned with constructive comments.
  13. The professor was available to the students outside of the class periods.
  14. Students questions were answered with respect and care.
  15. Cultural issues were addressed in the course.
  16. Gender issues were addressed in this course.